2023 Science For All
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Friday, September 15

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3rd Grade SEEd Forces of Flight Meridian FJake Murray Experiencing Phenomena-Based, Three-Dimensional Science Instruction: Grade 4 Stratus 7Melissa Mendenhall Gizmos For You: Adapting Gizmos For Your Needs Meridian GLauralee Ward • Hailey Hamblin • Lauren Rasmussen The Story of Utah Waterways Meridian DShannon Babb • Monica Hoyt Hold Onto Your Hats! Surviving the Kerguelen Islands Meridian HErin Brown • Shanna Sirstins STEM Ecosystems: Energy and Matter Marble Run 8.3.3 Meridian CMechelle Hansen (Dodge) Linking Smells to Chemical Structure (Standards 2.2 and 2.3) Stratus 9Janette Duffin • Michele Christiansen A 2-D Look at 3-D Science for K-2 Twilight 2Diane Edwards Adding more SEPs to Earth Science by Corroborating Paleoclimatology Data Stratus 6Alaina Riggs Linking the SEEd standards to our Local National Parks Meridian BAmanda Dworak Rowland • John Taylor Elementary Engineering: Where to Begin Stratus 8Maggie Millar Using the 5Es to Support Sense-Making Lessons Twilight 3Megan Black CER: Getting students to argue with evidence The ZephyrBecky McKinney • Allison Halling Meet the Scientist - Braiding Opportunities in Training, Advocacy, and Networking for Young (BOTANY) Scientists Stratus 5Bridget Hilbig Talk as a Tool for Learning in the Science Classroom: 201 Meridian EAndrew Jones • Milo Maughan Using Choice Boards with Project-Based Learning in STEM Classes Twilight 1David Black Instructional Coaching for Clarity in Science Standards Twilight 4Cassy Sandoval Models of Momentum Meridian AWesley Morgan

10:50am MDT

How to use Science to Motivate Students to Read and Write Twilight 3Annette Fonnesbeck Get In Gear and Engineer Twilight 2Kristie Rindlisbacher Place-Base Experiential Learning: Engaging Elementary Students in Outdoor Learning Meridian FKristina Kaly Think in Pictures Like Dr. Grandin: Creating Models to Explain How Animals React to Their Environments Stratus 6Denise Stewardson When Spheres Collide: Interactions between biosphere, geosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere Stratus 9Meggan Callister • Deb Ivie • Denise Taylor Exploring Symbiosis: Parasitoid Wasps Meridian BJen Taylor A Recipe for Genetics: Selective Breeding and Transgenics Meridian CBekka Israelsen Teaching for an Understanding of Environmental Justice in the Middle School Curriculum Meridian EEmma Mecham • Amy Wilson-Lopez • Jennifer Ramos-Chavez • Penelope Espinoza Integrating the Three Dimensions of Science for Engaging and Effective Lessons The ZephyrMax Longhurst • Julie Castellon • Douglas Morris • Austin Moore • Jami Riley Meet The Scientist - Using Fish to Teach Students About Humans and Evolution Stratus 5Jerry Johnson Phenomenal Chemistry Stratus 7Nate Bartholomew Using the Hunga-Tonga eruption to teach modeling, patterns, and plate interactions Meridian GMaren Unrau How to teach the science essential standards to students with significant cognitive disabilities. Twilight 4Kelli Mansanarez • Heather Hall • Hadley Smith Step Into a STEM Program Stratus 8Patty Low Your New Teaching Superpower: AI Tools Meridian HMaria Andersen Push, Pull, Go! Physical Science and Engineering for Kindergarten Meridian DEeva Burns 3D Science Instruction: Why it matters to elementary leadership. (Part 1 of 2) Twilight 1Britney Manderino Promoting Student Discourse in the Classroom Meridian ADarci Stone

12:15pm MDT

1:00pm MDT

3D Science - Trouble in the Water: Designing Solutions for HABs Meridian HJulie Castellon • Jami Riley Genes in Space: Student-designed biology experiments on the International Space Station Meridian BKaty Martin Inquiry: How to Develop Effective Inquiry Activities and Best Prepare Students to Engage in Inquiry Learning Meridian FAria Hadley-Hulet Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER): Are you CERtain Your Students Understand the Data? Stratus 7Heather Thompson From Lab Rats to Eliminating Fats! Building Pathways to Success with the PathMaker Bridge Program. Meridian DCamie Walker Get Them Outside!: Creating and Using Outdoor Learning Spaces with 3D Instruction Twilight 1David Joy Linking the SEEd standards to our Local National Parks Meridian EJohn Taylor • Amanda Dworak Rowland Science Fair is Actually Fun and Easy! Meridian GKimberly Mills • Kristen Bonner • Roshawn Starr Unlock the Future of 3-D Science and 21st-Century Skills with Infini-D Learning The ZephyrCameron Wilson How to integrate Science, Language, and Culture in a DLI classroom Meridian APriscila Sartori Phenomenal Phenomenon with Mystery Science Twilight 3Alex Porpora Using Models to Make Sense of DCIs and CCCs Meridian CCamie Simpson NASA Engineering Design for STEM Middle School Students Stratus 8Emily Lehnardt Science immersion Using 3D SEEd Standards Twilight 4Heath Ogden • Britt Wyatt • Josh Premo • Jess Cusick Meet the Scientist - What do black holes have in common with glasses (and what does that illustrate about how physics is done)? Stratus 5Sebastian Fischetti Teaching in the bottom of the Energy Well: Are you stuck? Stratus 9Duane Merrell • Adam Bennion SEEd Science, Sense-making, and the ELA Core Twilight 2Maggie DeFrank Vertically Aligned SEEd Lessons Utilizing Robotics Stratus 6Emily Perkins • Michelle Kantaris • Jennifer Payne

2:20pm MDT

Can You Hear Me Now? Twilight 3Kristie Rindlisbacher Storybook STEM: Integrating STEM and literacy Stratus 6Deb Ivie - Utah State University Extension STEM in Stories: Robot Heroes Meridian FKatie Worthen • Carmen Bachofen 4th grade SEEd Kinesthetic Astronomy Meridian EDavid Black Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea using the SEP's, CCC's and the DCI's. Stratus 8Debbie Draper • Melany Bunnell • Kimberly Burnham Using Online Investigations for Student-Driven Research in Middle School Science Meridian DKirsten Butcher It's Alive! Supporting Student Investigations for 7.3.1 Meridian HKaty Wilson • Liz Wiser Experience a Three Dimensional Hands-On Lesson about Waves- You keep the supplies. Meridian CBill Gipperich Using Real-World Data in the Classroom Meridian GMelissa Halvorsen Meet the Scientist - Bringing the Outside In: Integrating Earth Science Research with the Classroom Using Immersive Virtual Field Trips Stratus 5Elizabeth Balgord Assessing SEEd Using Standards Based Grading The ZephyrBecky McKinney Facilitating Fruitful Conversations about Controversial Science Topics Meridian BJamie Jensen People and the Planet: Hands-on Lessons for Earth and Life Sciences Stratus 7Denise Stewardson Promoting Productive Discussions Stratus 9Jen Gutierrez Experiencing Phenomena-Based, Three-Dimensional Instruction: Kindergarten Twilight 2Melissa Mendenhall 3D Science Instruction: How Elementary Leadership Can Transform Science Culture and Build Teacher Capacity (Part 2 of 2) Twilight 1Brooke Wood Engineering a Powerful Windmill Meridian ATom Erekson • Brad Talbert Nature & Observation Journals: Unleashing Students' Curiosity While Deepening Learning Across All Standards Twilight 4Dari Thacker
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